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Amazon Will Start Accepting Food Stamps Soon

Food Stamp recipients will soon have a more discrete way to purchase groceries -- online.

Recently, Amazon announced the company will soon begin accepting food stamps from customers.

According to Inc, the news was confirmed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Additionally, FreshDirect will also accept SNAP benefits in select states.

With over 43 million people currently receiving food stamps across the country, some these individuals will have the opportunity to make their food purchases online, beginning in August.

Even though SNAP recipients can use their food stamps towards the purchase of their order, it appears they will still have to pay for their items to be shipped to them, in addition to several other fees the online retailer adds onto the order. The only exception to this rule is if they fill out an exemption form to waive the fees. The request would have to gain approval before the fee was waived.

The companies do have the option to waive these fees, but at this point, they have not opted or volunteered to do so.

Just how expensive is it to have groceries delivered to your door by Amazon? The truth is, it's not cheap. You have to have an Amazon Prime membership to even be eligible for grocery delivery.

Once you get past the Amazon Prime membership fee ($99 per year/$10.99 per month,) there's a monthly $14.99 fee to be a member of AmazonFresh. And, if you're only ordering a couple of things, AmazonFresh is not for you -- as there's a $9.99 fee for orders of less than $40.



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