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OTD - The Who & Jimi Hendrix Share The Stage

Today (January 29) in '67, two of rock's mightest acts - The Who & Jimi Hednrix - shared the stage at London's Saville Theatre.  Despite having some technical difficulities, the press accounts of the concert touted Jimi as winning the friendly battle of musicianship and showmanship.  There were also some other rock luminaries in that club that evening.

Brian May of  Queen, recalled seeing him when he played with The Who and thought he was far more advanced than any other guitar player he had ever seen.  After seeing him at this show, he began following him around at shows whenever he could.  He expressed doubts in his own considerable guitar skills after seeing Hendrix take control of his guitar and thus the crowd.  He also recalled being jealous and overwhelmed at the same time while watching him play that evening.

Eric Clapton & Jack Bruce of Cream were also in the crowd.  They were both blown away.  Clapton claims that seeing Jimi inspiried Jack Bruce to go home that night at write 'Sunshine Of Your Love'. Bruce disputes that notion.

Here was Hendrix's set list that evening.  Jimi was also known for playing a cover of The Beatles 'Sgt Pepper's Lonley Heartsclub Band' around that time. Although he didn't play it on this particular evening, a version from 1967 can be found below.

Rock Me Baby
Like a Rolling Stone
Can You See Me
Hey Joe
Wild Thing

Jimi Hendrix - Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Beatles cover)

grandissima canzone Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (prima traccia dell'omonimo album) dei Beatles riproposta dal + grande chitarrista di tutti i tempi... JIMI HENDRIX


and here's a version of 'Hey Joe' that was recorded in London in '67.


Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe (1967, London)

I saw this video was deleted from Ben Mordechai's channel, it had around 5.6million viewers. I really missed this version, first time I was freaked out I could not find it on YouTube, but after a short time of searching I have found it on DailyMotion, ripped it down and uploaded here.