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Amazon CEO Tests Out Intense Robot Suit

CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos released a video of him at a top-secret event of him testing out a massive mechanical robot suit.

In the video, the billionaire was all smiles while controlling the robot’s body. Reportedly, Bezos asked the media “Why do I feel so much like Sigourney Weaver” while inside of the mechanism.

On twitter, he shared a photo of him inside the Method-2 suit along with the captions “I just got to pilot an awesome (and huge) robot thanks to Hankook Mirae Technology. Nice! #MARS2017” according to The Telegraph


Jeff Bezos on Twitter

I just got to pilot an awesome (and huge) robot thanks to Hankook Mirae Technology. Nice! #MARS2017


Mars, the hashtag referenced in his tweets is the Machine Learning Automation Robotics and Space Exploration even sponsored by amazon. The event holds seminars, demos and shows off latest developments in robotics. The guests who attend the event, according to The Telegraph are told that “Many great humans are attending (not to mention some extraordinary robots).”


Caleb Harper on Twitter

@JeffBezos "Why do I feel so much like #sigourneyweaver ?" @amazon #MARS2017 #openpodbaydoors ??


The robotic suit is a reported 13 feet tall and weights 1.5 tons. Footage of the humanoid-like machine, appeared online last year. After the video was released, many were skeptic on if the robot was actually real. According to Live Science, the video was taken in South Korea at a company called the Korea Future technology.


@corbett:explore ? on Twitter

Time to take over the world. Method-2 robot activate ?#mars2017


It is reported that the suit was created by “robotics expert Vitaly Bulgarov, a veteran of science fiction blockbusters.” Bulgarov wrote in a Facebook post that “Everything we have been learning so far on this robot can be applied to solve real-world problems.” You may be familiar with his work in such blockbusters like Transformers, Robocop and Terminator.


This creation, known as the Method-2, is going to be a prototype for robots in the future. No official press released has been announced on the robot. It should be interesting to see where the project will go.


Maybe, in the future, we will use robotic vehicles instead of cars!


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