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5 Signs You Might Be Doing Too Much on Social Media

Sometimes we can get too wrapped up in our social image as much as our daily appearance. 

And when we get too wrapped up, sometimes we will over-do it when we're checking our phones constantly, and not even looking at the steps ahead of us. Here are five signs that you might want to scale it back a little on the FacebookInstaTwitterGrams.


You are constantly trying to get the right picture. If you find yourself missing out on things that are actually happening right in front of you, you need to take a step back. Try to live in the moment a little more, instead of trying to get the right angle, with the right backdrop and the right filter to post later.


Captions mean so much to you. Instagram captions have really become a place where Drake lyrics go to die. Don’t waste your time putting so much thought into a caption that people will probably scroll past anyway

Noley dopo on Twitter

How do people come up with such good instagram captions, I either put an emoji or a problem with the photo?


You would delete everything tomorrow. This is a sign most evident in social media hungry relationship. We all know the couples that were all over your timeline and then all of the sudden they stopped posting and erased all traces of their love. Things like Instagram can really chronicle your life, don’t post things just to show other people because when you delete it those same people know something is up.

sam harman on Twitter

It's upsets me when a couple break up after a lengthy relationship and you see them delete all the Instagram posts they had together


You’re the only one postingAnother relationship or friendship related sign is when people are in a relationship, but we only see one person constantly posting. Granted different people are into different things, but sometimes its ok to be a little mellow, refer to sign #1 and just live in the moment.


Your followers know your every move. When twitter started the whole “follower craze” I doubt that they knew how closely some people would allow you to follow. If your Instagram followers and your twitter followers know absolutely everything about you, then you are probably posting entirely too much information.

Destiny? on Twitter

Every move you make shouldn't be on social media. You're doing it for yourself not for your followers.


Pierrea Javon…I’m not perfect and I don’t feel like faking it.