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Which Social Media Platform Attracts The Highest Percentage Of Narcissists?

The concept of social media is fairly narcissistic. You can quickly and easily tell the world every mundane detail about your life.

Here's what you ate for lunch. Here's this cute thing your cat did. Here's an annoying thing that happened at work. Here's your new haircut. Does anyone actually care though? Eh. Probably not. That's why it's no surprise that many of these platforms are a magnet for narcissists. One in particular has been shown to be a breeding ground for the self-obsessed.

Sorry, Instagram users. We're talking about you. A new study shared by Elite Daily found that many Instagram users rely heavily on the platform for validation and attention from their peers. In fact 64 percent of people surveyed feel that Instagram is the most narcissistic of the social media platforms, believing it's worse than Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat combined.

The study also discovered that 78 percent of those surveyed have actually deleted a post simply because it didn't get enough likes. Wow!

LendEDU, who conducted the survey, shared that "For (millennials), social media is a powerful tool with the ability to create an entirely new persona, void of reality... The formula is quite simple. If you post enough artsy, chic pictures of yourself that rack up plenty of likes, then real-life accomplishments will not matter because the popularity of your social media accounts will determine your status on the social hierarchy."

Well, between the four major social platforms, and the fact that half of them are trying to out Snapchat (looking at you, Facebook Enterprise), it seems to be that the world will be continuing it's vain parade until further notice.

Next up, where can we include Facebook Stories next?

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