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World’s Biggest and Smallest Guitars

In honor of Guitar Month, we are taking a look at the world’s largest and smallest guitars. No matter the size, the guitar has been around for thousands of years and has continued to harmoniously serenade the masses. Whether the size of a single cell or the size of a warehouse, the guitar continues to be a lasting symbol of rock and roll.


The “Nanoguitar”

Developed by Cornell University in 1997, the “nanoguitar” measures in at a whopping 10 micrometers long, about the size of a single cell, with six strings measuring 50 nanometers wide, or roughly 100 atoms. It was made from crystalline silicon and demonstrated the possibilities the new technology could have. If plucked, the strings would indeed resonate, but at an inaudible frequency due to the objects miniscule size.


The PalmGuitar

Available in two separate models, offers the V1 Graphite Composite and the V2 Urethane Composite. The V1 comes in at 26” long and weighs just about 3.5 pounds and comes in three styles: The “Standard” ($1,600), 4-string Custom Bass ($1,700), World’s smallest electric 12-string ($6,000) and the “Tomahawk­–which has never been commercially produced and comes in at around a foot long from end to end. The V1 is more expensive and must be custom ordered, but the V2 has a more reasonable price point of $799.9 and is made of less expensive polyurethane to offer a unique “woody” sound.

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The World’s Largest Playable Guitar

The "Flying V" shaped guitar has traveled across the country at countless museums while on display. Coming in at 43 1/2 feet long, 16 feet wide and weighing 2,255 pounds, the world’s largest playable guitar is similar to the size of a car. While playing it well may be nearly impossible, kids, and adults, can climb on the guitar and pluck away at the strings.

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World’s Biggest Non-Playable Guitar

A must see for any road trip across America, the Bristol, Tennessee attraction is more of a sight to see than am instrument to play. The “Grand Guitar” was built in 1983 and features a huge guitar slung across a former music museum building. Although it appears run-down and no longer in use, the building use to house a music museum along with a radio station and other music collectibles. Even though this guitar doesn’t crank any tunes, it is well-worth the stop if you find yourself in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.

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