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Buzz Grows Around Potential Genesis Reunion

Speculation about a Genesis reunion is creeping up again as the group nears the 50th anniversary of its formation at the private Charterhouse school in England.

Mike Rutherford -- promoting his new album with Mike + the Mechanics -- recently made comments to Britain's Daily Mirror hinting at the prospect, though not announcing any firm plans.

Rutherford told us much the same prior to the new album's release, explaining that,

"I've always had a very sensible approach to these things. I've always said, 'Never say never,' 'cause who knows?...There's no reason we couldn't do something. We're all alive. We're all great friends...There are no plans but I can't see why not. Let's wait and see."


Rutherford, Phil Collins and Tony Banks last toured together in 2007 to mark Genesis' 40th anniversary, and Mike + the Mechanics will be opening some shows for Collins in the U.K. and France in June.

Collins was equally cautious about, but clearly open to, a reunion last year, when he told us,

"When someone says 'Is there a chance?' I guess I should say there's no chance, and then surprise them...Nothing's been talked about, basically. I know that since the last reunion tour there have been hints of, 'Well, what about another one?' or taking it somewhere else, and possibly that could happen. But the thing is that with this particular subject, as soon as you say 'possibly' people start badgering about, 'When is it gonna happen?' I think it's safer to say it's not gonna happen and be surprised if it happens, thank you."


As they say, stay tuned...


Gary Graff is an award-winning music journalist who not only covers music but has written books on Bob Seger, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen.