Inside McCartney & Costello's Flowers In The Dirt Sessions

Get the inside story on what went on behind the scenes with Paul McCartney and his producer/co-writer Elvis Costello during the recording sessions for 'Flowers In The Dirt'.  We'll include the re-issue of 'Flowers...' in our Big Mac CD 3 pack this weekend.

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In the late 1980's Paul McCartney got together with Elvis Costello to work on Paul's forthcoming record, 'Flowers In The Dirt'.  Costello had had some similarities to one of Paul's previous songwriting partners, John Lennon. Elvis was from Liverpool and he was a huge Beatles fan.

Picking Up The Bass

One of Costello's key contributions to this album as well as Paul's future output was his encouraging Paul to pick up and play the Hofner bass. Paul made his Hofner bass famous as a member of The Beatles but he hadn't played it since The Beatles final concert.

Rediscovery & Advancement

Picking up his old bass helped McCartney rediscover a part of him that had been lying dormant.  McCartney's sessions with Costello ushered in a more mature and bold songwriting style.  Those sessions delivered four tracks that ended up on 'Flowers...', two songs that ended up on McCartney's 'Off The Ground' album and  a few songs that ended up on future Elvis Costello albums, the most noteworthy being 'Veronica'.

McCartney told Rolling Stone magazine that their sessions helped each of them advance their creative output.   He also mentioned that he felt that some of the demo versions they did (that are now available on the reissue) were more energized than the ones that ended up on the album.

This video clip features footage of Paul and Elvis in the studio.  Below that you'll find a selection of stories that Paul told People Magazine about each track on the album.

Paul McCartney - 'My Brave Face [Original Demo]' --- The reissue of 'Flowers In The Dirt' is in stores now: Deluxe Edition (3CD/1DVD): Special Edition (2CD): Vinyl (2LP): LONG AWAITED 10th INSTALLMENT OF THE GRAMMY-WINNING ARCHIVE COLLECTION OUT NOW VIA MPL/Capitol/UMe The majority of the album was recorded at Paul's Hog Hill Mill studio in East Sussex.


Paul tells People Magazine the stories behind each of the songs on 'Flowers...'

Behind the Songs: Paul McCartney Shares Intimate Memories of Recording Flowers in the Dirt

By the late-1980s, Paul McCartney may have been the only artist on the planet uninterested in sounding like the Beatles. But then his new collaborator, fellow British superstar Elvis Costello, reunited him with an old friend: his iconic violin-shaped Hofner bass.