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Father-Daughter Duo Have the World’s Largest Tongues

You know how some fathers and daughters share a special bond? Well, Byron and Emily Schlenker of Syracuse, New York share a unique trait that not many can say they have as well. 

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Byron holds the record for the world’s widest tongue. As reported by Guinness, his tongue measures at 3.37 inches wide!

His daughter, Emily tongue is nearly as wide. The 16-year-old’s licked measures at 2.88 inches wide.

During an interview with the YouTube channel, Wizard of Odd, Bryon told them that the “One thing that people can compare my tongue to and they readily have is an iPhone 6.” As we are sure most people are wondering, Bryon must have some more of magical tongue abilities. In the Youtube video, he goes on to say that he does not have any unique traits and cannot “eat ice cream faster than you can” and he does not “know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.”

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When Byron’s tongue was originally measured for Guinness World Records, it was slightly smaller. His daughter Emily stated in the same video that since 2014, her “dad’s tongue has gotten wider over time because he shows us so much. Since it’s a muscle, it stretches when you work it out. So since he sticks it out so much, it's gotten a few millimeters bigger.”

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Byron Schlenker y su hija Emily, de Syracuse, han pasado al Guinness World Records por poseer las lenguas más anchas.

He realized he had an unusually wide tongue while looking at an Australian man who previously held the Guinness World Record title. After measuring, he confirmed that his tongue was wider and contacted the company. Needless to say, the rest is lickery…we mean, history.

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Byron Schlenker menjadi pemegang rekor sebagai pemiliki lidah terlebar sedunia (8,3cm).

Ever since Emily has shared the world record with her father, she has felt that it has brought them closer. By making their own videos showing off their tongues, the father-daughter duo has been able to spend some quality time.


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