Four Reasons Why Every Child Should Own Sea Monkeys

Don't have the time to care for a dog? Allergic to cats? Sea monkeys are the perfect pick.

These tiny creatures are actually a type of brine shrimp that have had a cult following since the 1970s. They're known for coming to life as soon as they hit water, much to the delight of children who watch this aquatic magic unfold. So why do your kids need sea monkeys as pets?

  • They're low maintenance: Unlike dogs or cats that require constant feeding, walking, and grooming, sea monkeys are easy to please. Their basic needs are minimal. In fact, they get their food from the algae in their tank.
  • They don't take up a lot of space: Don't have a backyard or lots of extra space in your home or apartment? No worries! Your sea monkeys are perfectly content in their tank.
  • They still do tricks: While they may not sit and fetch like dogs, sea monkeys still have a few tricks up their sleeve. They love to chase flashlight beams.  You might also find that if you run your finger across the tank, they'll follow it. Kids will get a kick out of this.
  • Their life expectancy has increased: When sea monkeys first hit the market, they would only live a month or so, much to the disappointment of their owners. Over time, scientists have been able to create more steadfast varieties of the creature, so now your pets may live up to two years.

The Coastal Society on Twitter

Fun fact: #SeaMonkeys breathe through their feet & have been to space #NationalSeaMonkeyDay #brineshrimp

Since May 16th is National Sea Monkey Day, it only seems appropriate to celebrate by adding a tank of these cheerful little creatures to your home, no?


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