Steve Miller Talks About His Friendship W/ Frampton & his Band Members

Steve Miller & Peter Frampton will play Mann Music Center on June 27th.  Miller talks about his friendship with Frampton over the years & Miller's band members talk about their relationship with Steve.  MGK has your chance to see this concert & many more Mann shows all weekend. 

Steve Miller on Peter Frampton via an interview with

“Peter and I first met at Olympic studios in London in the late sixties when we were both just starting our recording careers,” said Miller. “He was a wonderful guitarist and songwriter then and he is even more so today. Over the years, we’ve played together in venues from theatres to football stadiums and everything in between. He always sets the musical bar high, his band always knocks me out, and I’m thrilled we are going to spend the summer together doing a great run of concerts. This is the kind of quality and talent we both strive to present and I’m looking forward to a summer of great music, exceptional performances and fun. Peter is a remarkable musician.”


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