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Moon Dust From the 60's May Cost $4 Million

Happen to have a bag filled with moon dust laying around the house? Regardless of who you managed to get your hands on such a weird item, hold onto the bag! It may be worth millions of dollars.

This was exactly the situation for Nancy Lee Carlson who, accrued to the Huffington Post, purchased “a small white pouch market ‘Lunar Sample Return.’” She purchased the item two years ago for a mere $995. Much to her surprise, her bag of moon dust is supposed to reach $4 million at an upcoming Sotheby’s auction.

During Neil Armstrong’s legendary trip to the moon in 1969, he managed to fill a “bag with rocks from the lunar Sea of Tranquility” says Huffington Post. When he arrived back on Earth from his Apollo 11 mission, he gave the bag of moon dust over to the Houston Lab. The sample were soon forgotten about and eventually landed at the U.S. Marshals auction website.

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To infinity & beyond! Artifacts from the #Apollo11 mission come to Sotheby's NY this July #SothebysInSpace

The item was soon bidder on by Nancy Lee Carlson who managed to purchase the rare item. Curious to see if the samples inside were actually from the moon, she sent her winning prize to NASA for testing. However, she did not receive the reply that she originally expected. NASA claimed that the bag was their property and they would not return it until they go to court.

Needless to say, NASA was not thrilled that the item is going to be sold at auction on July 20th. Warren Jeffs, agency spokesman told The Wall Street Journal that the bag “represents the culmination of a massive national effort involving a generation of Americans, including the astronauts who risked their lives in an effort to accomplish the most significant act humankind has ever achieved,”

The sale of the item will make the 48th anniversary of humankind’s first moon landing. Whoever gets their hands on this rare item will really reach for the skies!


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