MGK Celebrates Sgt Pepper's 50th Anniversary

50 years ago this week, The Beatles released  Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’.  Starting Thursday & all weekend long MGK pays tribute to ths landmark release.

Thursday is Pepper Day

On Thursday, 50 years to the day Sgt Pepper's was released,  MGK’s Pepper Day features hourly ‘musical salutes’ and free copies of the new Anniversary album on double vinyl or CD.
Ray Koob plays Sgt Pepper's on vinyl, in it's entirety starting at 9pm.

Beatles A To Z

Our Pepper Party continues Friday afternoon and thru the weekend with an Essential Beatles A to Z, the greatest Beatles songs of all time in alphabetical order & once again, you'll have chances to text in to score the new Anniversary album on double vinyl or CD.

Sunday at 8:30p, we'll be airing a 90 minute Sgt Pepper's Special hosted by Giles Martin (son of Beatles Producer George Martin).

Win The Anniversary Box Set

@Work Network Members can get registered to win the amazing, Andre Gardner approved box set.

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