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Gregg Allman News Round-Up: Funeral Plans, Details on Final Studio Album

A private funeral for Gregg Allman has been scheduled for Saturday (June 3) in his home town of Macon, Ga. 

Allman is scheduled to be buried near the grave of his brother, guitarist Duane Allman, who died in a 1971 motorcycle accident. Gregg Allman passed away on Saturday (May 27) from complications from liver cancer.

Allman's son Devon Allman, an active musician himself, confirmed to us that,

"We're keeping it pretty small so it doesn't turn into a circus...We'll definitely make sure all the people that he really got to play music with can show their respects."


Allman Brothers Band manager Bert Holman added that,

"It's going to be very quiet and very private. I think that's what Gregg wanted. He didn't want a spectacle. During the last months of his illness he really wanted privacy. He had been deteriorating for awhile; He just kept it private. He didn't want people calling, didn't want to see stuff on TV. He wanted dignity, and fortunately he was able to do that. I think it's great he died peacefully at home rather than hooked up in a hospital room with tubes, listening to that high-pitched beep, beep, beep"


...Meanwhile, Allman's solo career manager Michael Lehman confirmed a September release for Allman's final studio album, the Don Was-produced Southern Blood.

Lehman tells Yahoo! Music that the album, which was recorded over the course of the past couple of years and delayed at times by Allman's health issues, features "a bunch of really cool covers and a couple of original tunes...I think it's a record that everyone's really going to be excited to hear."

Lehman is keeping other details about the album under wraps for now to honor Allman's wishes.

"Gregg really wanted to keep it tight...he wanted to surprise his friends and fans," Lehman explained.


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