Philly Area Teen Rocks Out With Gene Simmons

Andrew Ciardella, a teenager from the New Jersey/Philly area, got up on stage & rocked The Troc with Gene Simmons last week when Gene was at The Trocadeo& Wizard World Philadelphia. Check out Andrew's performance & his ripping guitar solo.

Andrew was able to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience as the result of his mother being an MGK listener.  John DeBella interviewed Gene (see below) in advance of this Trocadero gig and his appearance at the Philadelphia version of Wizard World.
During the interview, Gene mentioned that he likes bringing children from the crowd up on stage during perfofrmanaces.  He encouraged listeners to send any videos they had of their children rockin' along to KISS songs to the Wizard World webiste.  Andrew's mom heard Gene's on-air message and decided to submit his video.


While he easily holds his own jamming with the band throughout his performance of the KISS song 'Parasite', Andrew takes the crowd by storm with a killer solo at 4:34 in to the video.


Andrew Ciardella and Gene Simmons at the Trocadero June 2 2017

Andrew Ciardella performing Parasite with Gene Simmons at the Trocadero June 2 2017

Here's the John DeBella Show's entertaining interview with Gene Simmons prior to his gig at The Trocadero and appearance at Wizard World.


Here's the email that Andrew's mother sent to John....

From: Rozalie
Sent: Wednesday, June 07, 2017 8:16 AM
To: John DeBella
Subject: Kid Performs with Gene Simmons

Hi John,
Last week you had Gene on your show and he mentioned that he likes to call a kid up on stage to perform with him. I am so glad that I was listening at that particular time because I submitted my son's video to Wizard World and he got picked!

My son had a blast and will always remember this.. Thanks for having Gene on your show!

Rozalie (Andrew's mom)