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By Cyndy Drue, DJ/Event Reporter

As we get ready to see U2 in concert this Sunday night, I wanted to reflect on the highlights I’ve had with them over the years in Philadelphia.

1.) March 4, 1981, Interviewed a soft spoken singer named Bono from a new, unknown Irish band for my TV show, then drove him from the TV station at 5th & Market to the Bijou Café at 16th & Lombard where he introduced me to the band.  I named them “New Artist Pick of the Month” on “The Rock ‘n Roll Show” that aired on KYW-TV. It was their first television appearance in America. Short snippet here.

Cyndy Drue with Bono (left) in his first television interview in America, on March 4, 1981, before MTV launched.


2.) November 18, 1981, U2 played The Ripley Music Hall on South Street where I stood at the foot of the stage right in front of The Edge and was completely blown away by how good they were. We said hello backstage but this was the last time they were accessible. Their rise happened very quickly.


3.May 16, 2004, Re-united with Bono during an interview he had with WMMR’s Pierre Robert at Independence Mall after Bono’s announcement of the ONE campaign. It was 23 years after meeting him, and he remembered our time together, saying “I can’t tell you what I had for breakfast this morning but I remember, to this day, the people who supported us in the beginning.”

Bono was interviewed by Pierre Robert after the rally for the ONE campaign, Independence Mall, May 16, 2004


4.) June 11, 2001, First Union Center – Elevation Tour. Before the show there was a Meet and Greet that I was lucky enough to attend. The Edge and Adam came out to say hello to a small group of radio professionals. I told Adam all about my first time meeting them back in 1981. “What was the name of the club?” he asked. I told him, the Bijou Café. Well, Adam must have told Bono because during the show that night, Bono said to the crowd, “When we first came to Philadelphia, we played a little club called The Bijou Café. I want to thank you for sticking with us all these years.” Then they went into “In My Life” by the Beatles and I felt like Bono was singing it to me!

(l-r) Nancy Palumbo (WMGK Music Director), Adam Clayton, Neal Mirsky (Former WYSP Program Director), The Edge, Cyndy Drue


5.) October 17, 2005, Vertigo Tour at Wachovia Center. I covered it live on WMGK, and found out that Bruce Springsteen was there planning to go up on stage at the end. I was able to announce it to our listeners before anyone in the venue knew. These are the kinds of “scoops” us DJs/Journalists live for! Sure enough, Bruce and his wife Patti sang “People Get Ready” during the encore much to the surprise and joy of the audience.Thank you, U2, for the happiness and joy you’ve brought the fans and me over the years here in Philly!


U2 with Lumineers
The Joshua Tree 2017 Tour
Sunday, June 18, 2017
&:00 P.M.
Lincoln Financial Field
1020 Pattison Ave, Philadelphia, PA
(267) 570-4000
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