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Child No. 8 Could Be The Last Time Mick Jagger Becomes A Father

Maybe the last time, we don't know, but Mick Jagger's brother had an interesting Father's Day suggestion: Getting a vasectomy.

That's what younger brother Chris Jagger suggested for the Rolling Stones frontman during a new interview with the Daily Mail.

Jagger, 73, had his eighth child, and fourth son, during December with ballerina Melanie Hamrick. Speaking to promote his own upcoming show at the Glastonbury Festival in England, Chris Jagger said that it's time for his brother to get out of the fatherhood game, suggesting that "I think he's going to have the snip." But the younger Jagger added that "whatever you say about my brother, he's very good with kids. He's a really good father. All his kids love him."

Jagger has been the butt of many jokes since Deveraux's birth six months ago, with commentators pointing out that he has a great-granddaughter who, at three years old, is older than his youngest child.

Mick Jagger has not responded to his brother's vasectomy comment.


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