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Take A Selfie, It's National Selfie Day!

Happy National Selfie Day! But first, let me take a selfie!

This day wouldn't exist without our fancy smartphones and high-tech apps that pretty much do everything for us. But let's be clear, isn't National Selfie Day, every day?

Mike Johansson on Twitter

Who better to celebrate #NationalSelfieDay than Manny the selfie-taking cat?

Today we want to celebrate the selfie, a form of self-expression that's really only a few years old. Born in 2013, the selfie took off and became a social epidemic. That's when the word "selfie" became an actual word in the Oxford English Dictionary!

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FirstDayOfSummer #NationalSelfieDay @Local24JohnP

For some, the posing selfie hype has worn off. Others view selfie-takers as narcissistic, whether it's done with friends in front of a famous monument in Italy, or taken in a club bathroom. Many believe the idea of the selfie is not empowering. But the truth is, the selfie doesn't seem to be going anyway anytime soon. And cmon, if you're having a good hair day, why not show it off?

StaybridgeBirmingham on Twitter

Grab your camera & get ready to step up your #selfie game as today is #NationalSelfieDay! Show us your best pose Brum! https://t.co/tmpoKnIt0m

People take selfies because they have become a part of our everyday life. Have you ever been to a public place with lots of people and have NOT seen a selfie taker? There's really no going back. The selfie has become the new norm for people. As a global phenomenon, it has inspired people around the world to take pictures of themselves to be instantly uploaded on popular social media platforms, like Facebook and Snapchat.

So get ready! Expect to see a lot of selfie photos online today!

Christian Byatt on Twitter

Enjoying work experience @EBPSouth #NationalSelfieDay

Need a few laughs to go along with your picture-taking spree? Check out these selfie expressions that we think make the top 5 list!

  • The Mirror: You know? The full body shot in your favorite outfit! You can pose in a way that shows muscle or a thin waist. Lots of angles can be seen in this one, so be creative!
  • The Duck Face: Pucker those lips! Who are you trying to kiss? This one is a little too silly for us, but maybe it's your go-to!
  • Look Off To The Side: Instead of the basic, face straight on into the camera, the look off to the side selfie makes you appear like a natural model. Just don't try too hard!
  • The Seductive Look: Do you do the whole 'smizing' thing? With this look, your eyes and lips will do the talking. Squint your eyes and slightly put your lips together. Actress Tyra Banks would be super proud. It's her secret to the perfect, sexy photo!
  • The Natural Smile: Keep it simple with this quick pic! Simply smile and be who you are. You really can't go wrong with this one!

Caleb Weekes on Twitter

Apparently today is #SelfieDay so here's a selfie from today when I couldn't stop looking at myself in the mirror ... https://t.co/wVj2WDIp9B


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