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GLEN ETIVE, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 16: Scottish red deer graze in Glen Etive following the end of the rutting season on Novemebr 16, 2016 in Glen Etive, Scotland. The rutting season sees the large dominant red deer stags compete against each other for mating rights and can be heard roaring and bellowing in an attempt to attract the hinds. The rut draws to a close in early November when the stags spend the winter feeding to regain strength for the following season.

Deer lord! Have you ever seen two deer battling each other on their hind legs?

Well, now you will!

Wildlife officers with the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency captured the brawl on one of their trail cameras and posted it on their Facebook page. They believe these bucks were duking out their issues over a small food plot in Hardeman County.

The post has almost 10,000 shares, 700 comments, and 4.7K reactions. Clearly, the video has gotten a lot of attention from people and the media.

Need a good laugh? Watch the duel below.

We wonder who won the fight!

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

A surprising video captured by one of our Wildlife Officers. It's time to get those trail cameras out. TWRA NOTE: This post has fascinated a lot of folks and media. While they didn't say who...

Can you make it through the last half of the week now?


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