Thanking Those That Secure Our Freedom

While it's fun to BBQ, party and watch fireworks on July 4th, it's important to take time to remember why we are able to celebrate.

We're celebrating, Independence Day, a day made possible by our victory over the British in the Revolutionary War.  Many men and women made tremendous sacrifices during that war.  The men and women of our military continue to make sacrifices for us each and every day to insure and secure our freedom.  They put themselves in harms way to defend our freedom and in plenty of cases, those around the world who are unable to defend themselves.

WMGK makes supporting veterans and veteran-related causes a focus throughout the year.  The culmination of that focus occurs each June with the John DeBella Veterans Radiothon. During this year's Radiothon (in which we raised over $154,000)  me met many brave individuals who work at or are assisted by the Veterans Multi-Service Center in Philadelphia (VMC).  One of the most inspiring people we met was a gentleman named Clif Farr.

Here's Clif's story......

Clif joined the Army in May of 2004, but he delayed his entry until after Ozzfest that year.  He likes to rock!

He trained to be a Tank Mechanic and Recovery Specialist.

He served two tours in Iraq, November 2005 to November 2006 and was deployed again in November 2007 until Feb 2009 as part of the Troop surge and participated in the “Siege of Sadr City”.

Upon return home, Clif ran into a world where he felt “abandoned and lost”.  He attempted to go it alone and worked jobs well below his ability level due to a lack of confidence.  He turned to the VMC for help.

Through the VMC, Clif began working at the VMC Thrift Store loading donations and delivering furniture to Vets and the local community. Through taking classes and hard work at the VMC he applied for and succeded in obtaining, a full-time position at the VMC where he uses his abilities to better serve fellow veterans who may experience the same outcome after separation.