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Adidas’ ‘Life Aquatic’ Shoes Are Perfect For Wes Anderson Fans

Have you ever felt like you wanted to be Steve Zissou?

Well, thanks to Adidas, your feet can now honor your favorite oceanographer. No, the red knit hat is not included in the purchase. These Adidas Limited Edition Zissou Shoes are now on the market and mimic this favorite pairs.

Since 2004, fans of the Wes Anderson movie have been petitioning to have Adidas recreate the kicks. After a few petitions and nearly a decade later, the mega shoe company has finally filled the request. According to Bustle, this training shoe design has been around since the ‘50s. Yes, that is right, Zissou sadly did not invent the pairs.

Ben Gartside on Twitter

Adidas are selling 100 pairs of the Rom "Zissou" from the Wes Anderson film 'The Life Aquatic', which is one of my favourite films.

Mashable explained that they “were first released in 1959 as a training shoe but because incredibly popular in the 1980s.” With the popularity of Life Aquatic as well as having them worn by the legendary comedian, Bill Murray, the shoes became popular again.

The pair that Bill Murray’s character wears are white trainers with blue and yellow stripes on the side. If you look closely on the shoe, his last name “Zissou” is print in clean lettering.

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Adidas delivers The Life Aquatic-inspired Zissou shoes

As cool as these shows might sound, they are going to be hard to slide your feet into. The limited edition Adidas’ will not be sold everywhere. Hype Beast reported that “the shoes were actually released in a very secretive manner during the We Love Green festival in Paris, France.” Approximately only 100 pairs are currently in existence. The French festival was selected to release the shoes since Seu Jorge was on the list to perform. Seu Jorge was a part of the movie and was the musician who sang David Bowie songs in Portuguese in the movie.

The Life Aquatic - Seu Jorge - David Bowie Songs

Clips of Seu Jorge in The Life Aquatic where he sings and plays David Bowie songs.

We are not too sure if Adidas has plans to release to the general public. For right now, one can only refresh Ebay or hope that one of their Facebook fans in selling the stunning pairs.


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