(Photo by: Dimas Ardian/Getty Images)

Siberian Tiger Gives Birth To 7 Cubs And Our Hearts Are Melting

Cute or not so cute? According to a Chinese news organization, a 7-year-old, female Siberian tiger recently gave birth to SEPTUPLETS in southwest China.

That's 7 baby cubs, which is a rare happening among Tigers, the news agency reports.

The video below gives us an up close and personal look at these adorable critters hopping around, growling and making feisty faces. You can see a zookeeper providing milk to one of the babies. The video has 'aww' written all over it! Can we pet a few?!

But as much as we're considering jumping into this pile of cuteness to offer some love, we're not too sure the tiger cubs would feel the same way! It kind of looks like they'd be ready to bite at any time!

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WATCH: Adorable septuplet tiger cubs born in China and in healthy condition. Septuplet births are rare among tigers: https://t.co/jfgajjCldO https://t.co/NwRbAKtM6a

Maybe, we'll stick to standing outside their cage and taking pictures! What do you think?


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