On this day (8/4) in 1980, Pink Floyd began a string of six consectuve concerts at London’s Earl’s Court, in which they performed ‘The Wall’. It was the first time they performed The Wall in London. Check out some video from the show and find out why it was so difficult to move ‘The Wall’ experience¬†from town to town.¬†

Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason explained why the show’s grandiosity made it troublesome at that point in time…..
‘The problem, really, with the show is that it wasn’t a touring show, so it had to be set up, and left, and taken down again. There were a lot of light operators and stage operators and wall builders. Because of the amount of stuff that went up and down, floated across, did this, did that, there were a lot of operators, rather than just people putting stuff up…..And the special stage, because of the way the stage was actually used, there was a sort of structural bracing piece for the building of the wall. So it was all special equipment, I mean it was absurdly expensive. It’s not something other people will do, generally, because it’s just so expensive to put on, it’s simply not feasible. But it was great to have done it once’.



We’ll see Roger Waters for three intensely technological concerts at Wells Fargo Center on August 8, 9 and 11.