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John Lennon’s “Imagine” Is Now A Children’s Book!

Whether it’s your own children/grandchildren, nieces/nephews or everywhere in between, no kid’s book collection will be complete without this new book adaptation of a classic John Lennon song.

Coming out September 21 in partnership with Amnesty International, the new children’s book Imagine will feature lyrics from the iconic Lennon tune and follows the story of a pigeon that flies around the world befriending other birds and spreading peace.

Yoko Ono penned the foreword to the book in which she said, “This book is very special to me. The words were written by my husband, John, and it makes me so happy to see them illustrated in this beautiful book. He wrote “Imagine” as a song calling for peace around the world. Today, we need peace more than ever, so I think his words are still very important.”

An animated trailer for Imagine can be viewed below, while the book itself is currently available for pre-order at

Imagine Book Trailer

Join one little pigeon on her mission to spread the word of peace around the world. Set to the lyrics of the iconic song "Imagine," this book brings John Lennon's enduring message of peace and tolerance to a new generation. Published in partnership with Amnesty International.


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