The John DeBella Show

Weekdays 5:30am–9:00am

John DeBella is a fan of 2cellos, the two most rockin’ cello players we’ve ever seen.  Check out their version of ACDC’s ‘Thunderstruck’ and get registered to see them at The Mann on 9/13, courtesy of the John Debella Show. 


Tickets on sale now.





More info on the band

2CELLOS have forged a signature style that breaks down the boundaries between genres of music, from classical and film music to pop and rock. As impressive when playing Bach and Vivaldi as they are when rocking out, Sulic and Hauser know no limits when it comes to performing live. They have sold out shows around the globe and also performed with Sir Elton John as part of his band, as well as opening his shows to rapturous acclaim.