On this date (9/17) in 1991, Guns N Roses released two separate albums, Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II at midnight. By 2 am the band had sold half a million records.  The albums were released in conjunction with a tour.  There was always turmoil surrounding the band but the tension amped up inside and outside of the band during the recording of the album and its subsequent tour.  Take a look at vintage interview clips, live performance clips and videos from the ‘Use Your Illsion’ era of the band’s career.

Steve Adler was fired prior to the release of the album.  He was fired in 1990 and replaced by Matt Sorum, who played on all of the album’s tracks.  Izzy Stradlin left the band in November of 1991.  Stradlin was replaced by Gilbey Clarke as the band prepped for a second leg of their tour.

Axl talks about getting used to touring, psychotherapy, fans reaction to the band.


Axl Rose Interview - Use Your Illusion Tour - 1992 - Rare

A rare interview with Axl Rose from 1992 during the Guns N' Roses "Use Your Illusion"-tour, in which he discusses psychotherapy, the Montreal riot and technical problems.



Blind Mellon’s Shannon Hoon is in video footage shot while the band was recording ‘Don’t Cry’


RARE Guns N' Roses Footage: Studio Footage Recording Use Your Illusion Albums

In April 1990, the classic lineup of Guns N' Roses played its final show. The occasion was the nationally televised Farm Aid concert, a disastrous set that included, among several bizarre highlights, Steven Adler drunkenly belly-flopping in the general direction of his drum set only to miss by four feet, and Axl Rose ending the live broadcast with a climactic "Good fuckin' night."



Izzy Stradlin discusses why he left Guns N Roses


Izzy Stradlin Explains Why He Left Guns N Roses

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Slash talks about Izzy Stradlin after he left the band


Slash Explains Why Izzy Stradlin Left Guns N Roses

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Civil War live in 1991



Guns N' Roses Rock in Rio 1991




November Rain official music video



Don’t Cry official music video