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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 31: An as yet unnamed seven month-old Northern Koala joey clings to his mother Tara after emerging from her pouch at Sydney Wildlife World July 31, 2007 in Sydney, Australia. The zoo has recently had three koala's give birth to joeys, who have up until recently been mostly living in their mothers pouches, and suckling on milk. The Northern Koala species - a mammal - is on the vulnerable list of animals in New South Wales. (Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

While a man from Adelaide, Australia was driving this past week, he noticed something strange about his car.

He kept hearing strange noises coming from under his truck. When he finally stopped after 10 miles, he noticed a koala bear hiding under the wheel arch in his car. Before the driver hopped into his car, he did not see the creature hiding under his vehicle.

Of course when the adorable koala bear was spotted, he stopped driving. Jane Brister an employee of the nonprofit organization, Fauna Rescue told Newstalk that the driver hear “crying or a noise under his car and when he investigated found the koala under the front wheel arch. It would have been a drive downhill through very winding roads.”

Luckily, by stopping the car, the driver saved the little fuzzy animal’s life. The animal appeared to be severely frightened when he was discovered. Employees at the organization had to price the animal off the wheel. The koala only had minor injuries and was covered in car oil.

Brister went on the reveal to AP News that the animal “was crying a little bit” and was “a little bit shaken.” We mean, we would be in shock too if we were stuck under a vehicle! Imagine thinking that a car tire was your home, but instead receiving the joy ride of a lifetime.

Once the animal was taken to the animal hospital, it was revealed that she has just given birth. Sadly, they have not found her baby. The organization has searched the area in hopes of finding the baby, but so far there has been no luck.

After the employees at the rescue foundation fixed her up and named her Kelli, they released her back into the wild. People at the rescue foundation will continue to monitor the area and will try to ensure the koala bear’s health. Hopefully, she has been reunited with her baby!



Sarah is a Hufflepuff living in NYC. When she is not traveling or talking to random animals, she is working as a script writer. Tweet her at @lumpyspacederp 

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