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When The News Reports A "LARGE CAT" And A House Cat Steps In

A local man reported a large cat, AKA a cougar was spotted in Memphis, but when the reporter from FOX13 turned around, he saw a very different cat. 

I have to say, Scott Madaus rolled with it like a champ, because when he was pointing out the spot in which the cougar was spotted, a house cat sat in it's place.

Watch the clip here:

Scott Madaus FOX13 Memphis

The cat that stole the show. Not really sure how my live tease made social media let alone international social media. But here you go if you didn't catch it.


And of course, right away, the internet turned it into a meme.

David Mack on Twitter

when you lied on your resume about how much experience you have


As well as a point of discussion:

Eric Apricot on Twitter

@davidmackau @KilljoyGSW Love how the camera zoomed and just stayed on the cat for the whole segment for no good reason.


Well done, kitty cat. Well done.


Amy Cooper somehow became a cat person when her whole life she swore that friends cats were trying to end her life in her sleep.