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10 Iconic TV Spin-Offs

Mork and Mindy

Happy Days was so influential it had two successful spin-offs. Mork and Mindy lasted four seasons and helped launch Robin Williams’ career.

Mork and Mindy S01e01

The first 2 mins of the pilot to Mork and Mindy. God bless Robin Williams. RIP fella.........

A Different World

This classic sitcom spun-off from The Cosby Show, and the first season followed Denise Huxtable (Lisa Bonet) as she entered college. Bonet would leave the series after the first season, but A Different World would last for five more seasons. Plus, their primary theme song was sung by Aretha Franklin. How awesome is that?!

A Different World Openning Credits

The opening credits of the classic early 90s sitcom.