Hot on the heels of his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame election, Richie Sambora has a pair of recording projects coming out today (December 15). 

He and fellow guitarist/girlfriend Orianthi have released their second EP as RSO, Making History, a five-song follow-up to September’s Rise. Sambora has also released a seasonal song, “One Night Of Peace.”

He tells us that more EPs are coming from RSO, releasing music in short bursts rather than conventional albums:

“Y’know, the way the business now is, it doesn’t happen the way it used to…We have 25 masters…I would’ve been very, very happy putting out a double album, but I don’t think the public could ingest that at this point. It’s just a different time, and sociologically a different time about people getting music. You can’t give them too much at once. We just decided to put out five different EPs over a specific period of time…What’s gonna happen is over four or five EPs that we’ll put out over the next six, seven months, whatever that will be, I think people will find that there’s a cohesive thread through it all, and I think they’re gonna dig it.”

RSO will be playing a heavy schedule of live dates during 2018, and Sambora has confirmed he’ll be reuniting with Bon Jovi for the Rock Hall induction on April 14 in Cleveland.


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