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This heartwarming story about a 79-year-old veteran who went from spending a decade living in the whipping cold of New Jersey’s Pine Barrons to the comfortable confines of his own apartment, is a great illustration of what Philadelphia’s Veteran Multi-Service Center (VMC) does for our veterans & why we are so passionate about assisting them throughout the year.

Erin Arvedlund of The Inquirer tells the story of Stanislaw “Stan” Radowski.  This fascinating story details him being kidnapped by Nazis in his youth, his adventures in our armed services and his eventual homelessness and estrangement from his family.   She also details the Veterans Multi-Service Center’s strategic and patient approach with Stan.  We’re thrilled for Stan that he’s no longer living out of a tent and very happy to see the Veterans Multi-Service center recognized for their expertise and dedication.

For the past 11 years, Philadelphi’a’s VMC has been the beneficiary of the John DeBella Veterans Radiothon.  Thanks to your generosity, our Radiothon has raised over 1 million dollars for this wonderful and much needed organization.

This 79-year-old veteran lived in the N.J. woods for a decade. Now, he's come home

Stan Radkowski slept in the woods for about 10 years. Then one day, the veteran came in from the cold to tell his story - of surviving the Nazis, the Vietnam War, and homelessness. - Erin Arvedlund, Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News