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OTD - Seger & Frey Record 'Against The Wind'

Today, January 2, in 1980, Bob Seger recorded the title track to his most successful album, 'Against The Wind'.  Bob's longtime friend, Glenn Frey of The Eagles recorded backup vocals. Here's some insight on the song as well as some noteworthy live performances of it.

This was the second time Seger had Frey sing backup vocals on a track.   Frey first sang on Seger's "Ramblin Gamblin Man".  At that point in time, Seger was serving as Frey's mentor when Frey was an unkown musician from Detroit.  When Frey recorded "Against The Wind" he was a founding member of the biggest band in the country, The Eagles.

During a 1980 interview, Seger told Rolling Stone Magazine, "it's human nature that people are gonna love you sometimes and they're gonna use you sometimes. Knowing the difference between when people are using you and when people truly care about you, that's what 'Against the Wind' is all about. The people in that song have weathered the storm, and it's made them much better that they've been able to do it and maintain whatever relationship. To get through is a real victory".

Here's a rare 1980 concert performance....

Bob Seger -Rare Against The Wind Live

Largo, Md. 1980 Rare Live




Here's a peforamcne of hte song from his 2011 Atlantic City concert.


[HD] Bob Seger - Against The Wind - Atlantic City 4/16/11

Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ, April 16, 2011.