The good times continue to roll for The Cars’ catalog!

On the heels of the band’s pending induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the four and fifth studio albums will be getting the reissue treatment. Expanded editions of 1981’s Shake It Up and 1984’s Heartbeat City will be released on March 30.

Both reissues will feature rare and previously unreleased bonus tracks (see tracklisting below) and new liner note interviews from Ric Ocasek. Fans can even get a peek at what to expect from the bonus tracks by checking out the demo version of “Drive” here.

Both reissues are available for pre-order at


Track Listing:
1. “Since You’re Gone”
2. “Shake It Up”
3. “I’m Not The One”
4. “Victim Of Love”
5. “Cruiser”
6. “A Dream Away”
7. “This Could Be Love”
8. “Think It Over”
9. “Maybe Baby”

Bonus Tracks
10. “Since You’re Gone” – Early Version *
11. “Shake It Up” – Demo *
12. “I’m Not The One” – Remix
13. “Cruiser” – Early Version *
14. “Take It On The Run” – Early Version of “A Dream Away” *
15. “Coming Up You Again” – 1981 Version of “Coming Up You” *
16. “Little Black Egg”
17. “Midnight Dancer” *



Track Listing:
1. “Hello Again”
2. “Looking For Love”
3. “Magic”
4. “Drive”
5. “Stranger Eyes”
6. “You Might Think”
7. “It’s Not The Night”
8. “Why Can’t I Have You”
9. “I Refuse”
10. “Heartbeat City”

Bonus Tracks

11.  “Hello Again” – Arthur Baker Remix Version
12. “Drive” – Demo *
13. “One More Time” – Early Version of “Why Can’t I Have You” *
14. “Baby I Refuse” – Early Version of “I Refuse” *
15. “Jacki” – Early Version of “Heartbeat City” *
16. “Breakaway” – B-Side of “Why Can’t I Have You”
17. “Tonight She Comes” – From Greatest Hits


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