When your family shares your passion,  there’s nothing that can stop you from living out your dreams.  We’ll drink to that & so will the owners of Crooked Eye Brewery – Jeff & Paul Mulherin & Jeff’s uncle Paul Hogen. You’ll find Crooked Eye Brewery at our upcoming MGK Locals Only Beer Festival on April 21 at Independence Seaport Museum.  Tickets are on sale now and selling fast.

We’ll be highlighting each brewery participating in our event on wmgk.com with our Locals Only Spotlight feature.  You’ll get a feel for what drives them to make delicious craft beer and most importantly what tasty offerings they’ll be serving up on April 21.

What They’re Serving

Each brewer will serve up a Flagship beer (a beer they’re well known for) & a Specialty/reserve beer.  Attendees will get to vote for their favorite beer in each category.

Flagship Beer Category – Hazy IPA (9% ABV)
An enjoyable double IPA with a deep golden color and creamy white head. Our seven hop additions give it a rich aroma followed by complex hop flavors and a bright floral finish.

Specialty Beer Category – Black Eye Stout ( 7.5% ABV) 
Stout – A double chocolate oatmeal stout with a deep brown color. Its creamy chocolate head gives way to flavors of roasted malt, coffee and chocolate with a toasty finish.


What Sets Them Apart

The members of Crooked Eye Brewery have different work experiences but all bring something to the table. They work well as a team and are very passionate about brewing and making a good product. They make beers they all enjoy to drink and feel that is what sets them apart. They are one big family imbibing the grains and hops of their labor.  The Hatboro area is definitely responding to what they’re brewing, we had our best attended Friday Night Flights Live Broadcast ever at their location last summer.

How It All Began

Crooked Eye Brewery began as a 5 gallon hobby system in Jeff Mulherin’s kitchen. One thing he realized from the beginning was how much he loved the brewing process. One thing others noticed was how good the beer was. He continued to learn, research, and brew as others continued to drink and love his beers. His father, Paul Mulherin, and his uncle, Paul Hogen, tasted the potential of Jeff’s brews and knew that if only he had space to expand and produce on a larger scale they could quench the thirsty with tasty beers.

Growing Their Brewery

In early 2013, they found the perfect spot and moved into their Hatboro location that had once been a cross fit gym and stereo installation before that.

For about a year they brewed and gave away beers at Hatboro events while waiting for their brewer’s license to get filed and approved.  In December of 2014, a game changer occurred for the micro brewing industry. The laws in PA changed to where microbreweries could sell pints in their brewpub space as long as the brewery can be closed off to the public while brewing is taking place.

From August of 2014 to November of 2015, they acquired and broke through to the other half of their building to double their floor space and tripled their brewing capacity. Since then, thousands have passed through their doorway to drink, toast, and celebrate. In November of 2015 they upgraded their 2 barrel system to a 7 barrel system and started producing around 220 gallons per batch to keep all 11 beers on tap with some special ones popping in from time to time.