Crowds have been flocking to Media, PA to enjoy the balanced, flavorful IPAs, Porters, Stouts and Pilsners at Sterling Pig.  Find out what they’ll be pouring at MGK’s Locals Only Beer Fest & the key to their success.

You’ll find Sterling Pig at our upcoming MGK Locals Only Beer Festival on April 21 at Independence Seaport Museum.  Tickets are on sale now and selling fast.

We’ll be highlighting each brewery participating in our event on with our Locals Only Spotlight feature.  You’ll get a feel for what drives them to make delicious craft beer and most importantly what tasty offerings they’ll be serving up on April 21.

What They’re Serving

Each brewer will serve up a Flagship beer (a beer they’re well known for) & a Specialty/reserve beer.  Attendees will get to vote for their favorite beer in each category.

Flagship Beer Category  – Snuffler IPA – 6.5% ABV

This delicous, crushable this easy-drinking brew has the perfect balance of citrus, tropical fruit, and hop.


Specialty Beer Category  – TBD –  ABV

Sterling Pig will be revealing their Specialty Beer offering shortly.

A Balanced Approach To Brewing

Located at 609 State street, born out of the mind of Media’s own Loïc Barnieu and fermented to perfection by accomplished brewer Brian McConnell, Sterling Pig Brewery brings local flavor and elevated pub favorites to the Baltimore Pike. Brewed in small batches and tapped directly on-site, Sterling Pig’s eight rotating beers achieve the perfect balance of flavor and drinkability—from IPAs to Porters, from Stouts to Pilsners. It’s all about balance.

Since opening in 2015, Sterling Pig Brewery has provided a place to go for people who love great craft beer. With Brewmaster Brian McConnell at the helm, Sterling Pig has produced some of the most delicious beer the Philadelphia craft beer scene has to offer.

His beer philosophy centers on using the finest high-quality ingredients to create a balanced and flavorful brew. They’re not trying to reinvent the craft here.

Their flagship IPA the Snuffler is a perfect example of what the rest of their beers are like… delicious and crushable.