The American Dream’s “Frankford El” is as Philly as it gets, and directs interested ears to the earliest days of our city’s Rock scene, mine and David Uosikkinen’s included. His band, In The Pocket is at it again with their 18th recording of Philly faves!

On Saturday, April 28th, David Uosikkinen’s In The Pocket will debut their take of “Frankford El,” at the Ardmore Music Hall (23 East Lancaster Ave; 610-649-8389) with quite a lineup for that night, culled from their wide-reaching “membership:”

David Uosikkinen – The Hooters
Kenny Aaronson – The Yardbirds, Joan Jett
Ben Arnold
Richard Bush – The A’s
Steve Butler – Smash Palace
Buddy Cash
Tommy Conwell – The Young Rumblers 
Greg Davis – Beru Revue
Joey Di Tullio – JDT
John Ferenzik – Todd Rundgren
Charlie Ingui – Soul Survivors
Kenn Kweder
John Lilley – The Hooters / Robert Hazard & the Heroes
Michael Pilla – Robert Hazard & the Heroes
Fran Smith, Jr – The Hooters
Wally Smith – Smash Palace / Crosstown Traffic
Don Van Winkle – The American Dream
Horns by: Jay Davidson, Jim Verdeur
Now there can always be changes, but that’s an incredible gathering of the best our city has!
You can’t “…take The Frankford El” to Ardmore (because the Frankford El goes straight to Frankford…), but go see ITP!