In honor of Stevie Nicks birthday (5/26), we present you with Stevie explaining how Prince inspired her to write the song ‘Stand Back’. 

A Chance Meeting

In the late 70’s Stevie Nicks attended a Warner Brothers Records event where she was introduced to Prince.  Prince wasn’t a big star yet and he was very shy.  Stevie recalled telling him that he needed to be more outgoing if he wanted to make it in the music business.

A Car Stopping Performance

Years later, while cruising down a Calfornia highway with her husband (at the time), ‘Little Red Corvette’ came on the radio.  Stevie asked her husband ‘who is that?’ and asked him to stop the car and get her paper and a pen.  Her husband informed her that it was Prince and they pulled to the side of the road as Stevie let the song in her head come to life.  She then instructed her husband to drive to Sunset Recording Studios.

Playing It For Prince

She recorded a demo version of the song that day.  Before trying to finish the song, she told her ‘people’ that she needed to play it for Prince and get his approval.  She instructed her people to find Prince’s phone number, which wasn’t as easy as it is now (this was the early 1980’s). Within 15 minutes she had Prince’s phone number and she nervously dialed him up.  She explained that ‘Little Red Corvette’ inspired her to write a song and she wanted him to hear it before she proceeded doing anything more with it.  To her surprise he wasn’t in his home state of Minnesota but was in Los Angeles when she called him.  Within 20 minutes of their conversation, he was at the studio.  She put on the track, turned her back and crossed her fingers, hoping that he would like it.

Prince told her he enjoyed the song. She asked him to play synthesizer and provide some guitar for the song and he did.  As soon as he was done playing he informed her he had to leave and he sped off in his purple Camaro.

A Guiding Presence

Ever since their time in the recording studio, they kept in touch. Prince encouraged her to quit doing drugs and she eventually did.  Since his passing, whenever Stevie gets nervous before going on stage, she summons Prince and asks him to walk with her onto the stage.  She feels his presence and it gives her the confidence she needs to perform.

Stevie Tells Her Prince Story Live On Stage

Here’s ‘Stand Back’ live and the fascinating story of how Prince’s music brought it to life.