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We uncovered some amazing outtakes that showed the studio evolution of one of John Lennon’s most beautiful songs, plus we played some nice vocal isolations.


Chains (BBC)

I Need You

Back In The USSR (vocals)

Fame (vocals-guitar) – David Bowie f. John Lennon

Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby


Anna (Go To Him)

I’ll Follow the Sun (Mad Remixer “Main Point” mix)

I’ll Cry Instead

I’m Happy Just To Dance With You (OOPS single tracked vocal)

Revolution (RM1 of take 20 complete)

Ballroom Dancing (original mix) – Paul McCartney

Doctor Robert (alternate US vinyl mix)

I Me Mine (take 16)



It’s Only Love


Hold Me Tight

Love (take 7 breakdown – acoustic guitar) – John Lennon

Love (pre song chat into take 21) – John Lennon

Love (take 27 with edit piece from take 30) – John Lennon

Why Don’t We Do It In The Road

Run For Your Life


I Am The Walrus (German Magical Mystery Tour LP)

Long Tall Sally

Money (That’s What I Want)

Sure To Fall (In Love With You) (Decca audition)

Here Comes The Moon – George Harrison

You’re Going To Lose That Girl

Please Please Me

Dear Prudence (Rock Band mix)

Andre Gardner is a 45 year radio broadcast professional who continues to live the dream.