You may know Geddy Lee as the singer, bassist, and keyboardist of Canadian prog-rock trio Rush, but did you know that Geddy Lee also has a comedic side? As we celebrate his birthday this weekend, enjoy some of the funniest Geddy Lee moments caught on tape.

5. When Geddy Lee Obnoxiously Counted To “FOOOOUUUUUUUUR!”


4. When Geddy Lee completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. “Wah Wah Wee Wah!”


3. When Geddy Lee offered his best winter safety advice. “Jeez, that was fun.”


2. When Geddy Lee told the crowd that a stage collapse would be “a big bummer.”


1. When Geddy Lee appeared on Bob and Doug McKenzie’s hit single because “ten bucks is ten bucks.”



Samantha Ferrara is a music business student and promotions intern at the greatest classic rock station in the world. When she’s not nerding out over progressive rock, she’s probably making a fresh pot of gravy with way too much garlic.