August 1st, 2018 marks three years since Rush played the last show of their last tour and the day that Funko “popped” Rush.

These Funko Pop! vinyl figures will come in a three pack and feature Rush clad in their classic 1970’s attire.

Unfortunately, for us Philly fans, these collectibles will be hard to come by. The Rush Funko Pop! figures will be released as a limited-edition collection at Fan Expo Canada. This popular fan gathering will take place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from August 30th to September 2nd, and, currently, attending this event is the only way to obtain the figures.

Funko has previously released many classic rock figures in their Pop! Rocks line including Elton John, Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, Guns N Roses, Kiss, and The Beatles. Rush fans can only hope that these figures will be added to the permanent collection after their initial release at Fan Expo Canada.

Fingers crossed, Rush fans!



Samantha Ferrara is a music business student and promotions intern at the greatest classic rock station in the world. When she’s not nerding out over progressive rock, she’s probably making a fresh pot of gravy with way too much garlic.