You Gotta See This

The world echoed a collective gasp after witnessing a woman dip her chicken finger in soda at the US Open.

In case you need a reminder of how unusual of a sight this was, here you go!

Now, after becoming the subject of wide debate on Twitter, the woman has come forward to tell her side of the story.

26-year-old Alexa Greenfield took her nephews to the US Open for what was supposed to be an otherwise uneventful day.

Greenfield had no idea her unusual habit would lead to her becoming social media famous.

According to Fox News, the woman has dipped her chicken fingers in coke for most of her life.

It’s a habit she learned from her father. Initially, her dad showed her how to cool her chicken off by dipping it in ice cold coke.

Prior to the video surfacing online, the woman had just told her nephews she was going to dip her chicken in coke and had asked them not to tell anyone.

Sorry lady, your secret is not safe anymore.

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