Remember that story from a couple of months ago about David Bowie’s first recorded demo being found in an old bread basket?  It finally went to auction and sold for an obscene amount of money!

Per NME, the recording was estimated to sell at Omega Auctions for about £10,000 GBP, which is about $13,100 USD.  The final selling price? £39,360 GBP, which is $51,528 USD!

(Side note:  Who in the world has 50K just burning a hole in their pocket?!  No seriously…this writer wants to know because she may or may not have some student loans that are just brutal.)

Anyway, the demo was of a 16-year-old Bowie singing “I Never Dreamed” with The Konrads, his first band, and there’s no other copy known to be in existence. The recording was found by David Hadfield, the drummer/manager for The Konrads.  Hadfield was in the middle of moving when he found the tape in an old bread basket in loft storage in his garage.

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