In honor of our Beatles vs Stones Weekend, we’ve decided to compare each band’s album output, chart success,  etc.   This is just another example of why this debate has been so hotly contested over the years. There are arguments for both sides.   Take a look at the stats and then cast your vote


The Beatles
72 songs on the U.S. Billboard Chart,
20 #1 songs on U.S. Billboard Chart
14 Top 10 songs on U.S. Billboard chart

The Stones
56 songs on the U.S. Billboard Chart,
8 #1 songs on U.S. Billboard Chart
15 Top 10 songs on U.S. Billboard Chart


The Beatles
12 studio albums,
13 EPs,
22 singles.

The Stones
29 studio albums,
18 live albums,
3 EPs,
107 singles.


The Beatles
Solo members of The Beatles have have 16 #1 hits – 9 for McCartney alone.

The Stones
Mick Jagger had 7 songs on the Billboard charts but only ‘Dancing In The Street’ hit the Top 10.


Although they were in existence as a band for only 10 years, The Beatles’ had a huge influence on rock music and pop culture.
The Rolling Stones have been rockin’ the world for over 50 years and they are still touring and making music.

When you look at the solo careers of these bands, there is, of course,  a huge disparity in favor of the Beatles. There have been sixteen #1 solo hits collectively for the Beatles, nine of those by Paul McCartney. Mick Jagger managed 7 chart hits, with only 1985’s Dancing in the Street reaching the top 10.

We might add to the mix here the fact that Keith Richards recently was named on Vanity Fair’s annual best-dressed list.

Who are the best performers and best musicians? Which band has had the greatest impact on rock and roll? If you could go back in time and see them in person, which band would you want to see?


The bottom line comes down to rock and roll fans. Personal preference, perspective, and opinions are what it’s all about. There may not be a definitive answer, but it does make for an interesting discussion. Take our poll below and tell us what you think.