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Charlie Sheen’s Parents Have Been Found

Amid mass evacuations in California yesterday, as wildfire raged nearby, Charlie Sheen sent out a tweet pleading for information regarding his parents.

Sheen posted the tweet after not being able to get a hold of his parents amidst the chaos.

Charlie Sheen on Twitter

i cannot get ahold of my parents, Martin and Janet Sheen. they are in the group, at the staging ground near Zuma Beach. if anyone has eyes on them, please let me know that they are safe and sound in the middle of this horrific scenario. thank you in advance.

Fox News 11 caught up with Sheen's father, Martin, at Zuma Beach.

Martin explained that he and his wife had been forced to evacuate earlier in the day, and that cell service at the beach was poor.

During the interview, the eldest Sheen revealed that they could see the direction the fire was traveling in while at the beach, and Martin revealed that their home probably did not survive the fire.

But, Martin said that he and his wife still have their lives, and that's something to be thankful for.

Martin also revealed that he and his wife had lived in the area for many years and had witnessed a few wildfires. Though he admits, this one by far had the most intensity.

According to CBS News, there are three wildfires currently raging in California, "The Camp Fire," "The Woolsey Fire," and "The Hill" fire. Nine people have died as a result of the wildfires and many remain unaccounted for. Thousands of structures and homes have been destroyed.

Please keep everyone who lives in the area in your thoughts and prayers.

City of Malibu on Twitter

Update: Woolsey Fire still 0% contained; Mandatory evacuations still in effect for all of #Malibu https://t.co/aKvXO00ehx

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