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‘Scuse me while I rock this bold t-shirt!

Authentic Hendrix has unveiled a new partnership with fashion brand Libertine and the Los Angeles boutique Fred Segal for a new luxury clothing collection inspired by Jimi Hendrix and featuring his likeness, including images in honor of the 50th anniversary of Electric Ladyland.

The collection is set to debut in Spring 2019 and will feature designs for both men and women.  A preview of a couple of piece can be seen below.

In a statement from Authentic Hendrix CEO and President Janie Hendrix, she says of the partnership, “Jimi’s style was part of his persona. Although it was deliberate and not accidental, he didn’t even have to try to be spectacular. He just was.  [Libertine founder and creative director] Johnson Hartig’s fashion sense mirrors Jimi’s flair and that’s no accident either. His designs are colorful, bold and electrifying. That’s the spirit of Jimi and it makes the Libertine line that we’ll launch at Fred Segal a perfect fit for the Jimi Hendrix Luxury Capsule Collection.”

No word yet on prices, but if the word “luxury” is involved, expect to pay more for one of these t-shirts than your average graphic t-shirt found at Target.

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