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Lori Loughlin/Felicity Huffman College Admissions Scandal: Twitter Reactions

Have mercy? Not for actresses Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman and the 31 other parents charged in a massive scheme involving bribes to get their children into elite universities.

By now, you’ve likely seen a number of headlines about this major college admissions scandal, and considering some of the high-profile names that are involved, Twitter is having more than its share of fun.

Here are just some of the best Twitter reactions to the Loughlin/Huffman Admissions Scandal.

(WARNING: Some NSFW language and TONS of Aunt Becky jokes below!)

ℂ???????????????? on Twitter

Aunt Becky apparently learned nothing from the DJ's SAT nightmare episode

Pablo S. Torre on Twitter

I thought I was completely bored by NCAA recruiting scandals. But then I learned that Aunt Becky had a bagman

Simone Scott on Twitter

For $500,000 my child better be getting into Hogwarts, forget USC. Damn Aunt Becky

Ooooh Billy Billy Billy Billy on Twitter

Aunt Becky paid $500,000 to bribe her daughters' way into USC? A HALF A MILLION DOLLARS just to get them into USC? How bad were their grades and test scores?

Stephanie McNeal on Twitter

Lori Loughlin aka Aunt Becky after a long day of college exam fraud

MyBookie Betting Odds on Twitter

BREAKING: 'Wake Up San Francisco' has suspended Aunt Becky indefinitely in wake of these College Admissions exam Scandal

The Smoking Musket on Twitter


The Volatile Mermaid on Twitter

Judge: How do you wish to plea? Aunt Becky: Have mercy! Judge: (bangs gavel) Order in the court! Aunt Becky: How rude. Judge: Please stop speaking in only Full House quotes or I'll find you in contempt. Aunt Becky: You got it dude!

The Volatile Mermaid on Twitter

Aunt Becky using her rich white privilege to bribe her rich white kids' way into USC might be the Beckyest thing to ever Becky.

Rob Perez on Twitter

First Aunt Becky witness called to the stand

T. Roix ????️‍???????? on Twitter

but who will play l*ri loughl*n in the lifetime movie about this

billy eichner on Twitter


Jenny Johnson on Twitter

Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin should throw cheese slices at their kids.

Guy Branum on Twitter

Finally we have the grounds we need to impeach Felicity Huffman.

Louis Peitzman on Twitter

William H. Macy being identified solely as Felicity Huffman's husband in this college admissions scam story is... feminism? Misogyny?


Brandon Schuster on Twitter

Live look at Felicity Huffman getting arrested today

Joel Kim Booster on Twitter

When I decided to sleep in this morning, I had no idea one of the consequences would be, "all the good Felicity Huffman is getting arrested jokes would be tweeted already.

Alexis "Bring Back Bunheads" Wilson on Twitter

Felicity Huffman: Twitter:

Activian Rhapsody on Twitter

felicity huffman's daughter getting a 900 on the math

Kathryn VanArendonk on Twitter

Felicity Huffman literally typed the words "Ruh Ro!" while planning to commit mail fraud

David Mack on Twitter

vera farmiga will play felicity huffman in the college cheating movie and she will win an oscar

Carey O'Donnell on Twitter

Ok but can you imagine Felicity Huffman getting handcuffed? Rolling her eyes. "Fuckin losers," she says to the FBI agents out of the side of her mouth

Curtis Kimberlin Jr. on Twitter

Felicity Huffman was arrested?? Is William H Macy involved? I have so many questions.

sarah maclean on Twitter

In the game of "Someone is going to get arrested today," was your money on Felicity Huffman?

n on Twitter

yo I used to watch Olivia Jade on YouTube and homegirl always talked about how she hated school/barely went and I always wondered how the fuck she got into USC ... AND NOW I FIND OUT AUNT BECKY PAID FOR HER TO GET IN AHSJXHSKSJKSSK

Emily Heller on Twitter

Wait a minute, Aunt Becky is married to the Mossimo guy?? That's the most 90s shit I've ever heard in my life

Karen Howell on Twitter

About to start a GoFundMe for Aunt Becky's legal defense under the name "Have Mercy.

Tony Posnanski on Twitter

Aunt Becky had to pay a half a million dollars to get her kids in college... Aunt Becky has some dumb fucking kids.

Zack Attack on Twitter

On a special episode of Full House. Aunt Becky goes to the slammer.

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