An online campaign has been created to have Ozzy Osbourne knighted.

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Knight Mr John Michael 'Ozzy' Osbourne.

Helen Maidiotis started the petition and writes “this is the third attempt at gathering worldwide support through a petition for Mr Osbourne. I believe that with the world wide fan base he has this will make a huge impact on the final outcome of our nomination.”

The petition goes on to say: “He has won countless awards and accolades. He was the first to receive a star on the Birmingham Walk of Stars in Broad street. He was also honored with a star along Hollywood Walk of Fame. He had been asked by Buckingham Palace to play for them on two occasions…”

Maidiotis wants the Prince Of Darkness to be named Sir Ozzy Osbourne in light of his contributions to music and charity over the past 5 decades.

At the time of writing the petition has been signed by 7.584 people in hopes to get 10,000 signatures.

-Nicole Siberry