After gaining mainstream success with April 1976’s Live Bullet, Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band proceeded to release an incredible trilogy of albums, and just like The Godfather: Part II, the second album in the Seger trilogy could easily be viewed as the strongest.

Released on May 5, 1978, Stranger In Town would peak at number four on the Billboard 200 and yield four of Seger’s best-known hits and setlist mainstays: “Still The Same,” “Hollywood Nights,” “We’ve Got Tonite” and “Old Time Rock and Roll.”

The latter hit, of course, would go on and provide the soundtrack to that classic scene in 1983’s Risky Business featuring a young Tom Cruise dancing around in his tighty-whities. (Let’s all be honest: Who hasn’t recreated that scene in their home? C’mon…just admit it!)

While the title Stranger In Town is a nod to Seger and Silver Bullet coming to grips with their new-found fame, this album is certainly no stranger to fans. When your album goes on to sell six million copies, it’s hard to stay a stranger, per se.


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