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You may not have spent too much time lately thinking about the Cutting Crew or their big ’80s hit. But that hit works perfectly for this Game Of Thrones-themed parody.

Yeah, we know that the internet can be a cesspool of awfulness, but it’s times like this that it’s all worth it. Some clever folks decided to turn Cutting Crew’s late ’80s hit “(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight” into a tribute to Game Of Thrones. A slight lyrical tweak turns “I… I just died in your arms tonight” into “Arya! I just died in your arms tonight! (It must have been Valyrian steel!)” And who, exactly, is singing the line?

[SPOILER ALERT: if you’re a few weeks behind, STOP READING]

Why, the Night King, of course! Fronting a band of Wildlings. Apparently, it’s a new era in the North.

The rest of the lyrics detail Ol’ Blue Eyes’ downfall — “Arya snuck with a backstab, but failed! I had her choked, but she was faster and fatal!”

You almost feel badly for the guy — almost. “Who would have thought after a thousand years, it would end like this?”

Of course, next week, they may have to re-record the song with different lyrics: any guesses about who will end up impaled by Needle?