LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 10: BTS attends the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 10, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

K-Pop boy band sensation BTS paid tribute to the most famous boy band of all time last night on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

Fresh off of tying the Beatles’ record for three No. 1 albums in 11 months, which the Beatles did with Anthology 1, 2 and back in 1995, the 7-member band opted to pay a fun tribute to Paul, John, Ringo and George.

The guys dressed up in the same style of suit that the Beatles wore on their 1964 debut on Ed Sullivan. Even Late Show host Stephen Colbert got in on the fun, dressing up as Ed Sullivan.

“You may have heard there’s a new musical craze sweeping the globe, these fellas are really something,” Colbert said. “They’re called BTS and people are so excited you can only call it BTS Mania.”

“These boys are from across the pond, the big one, the one with Hawaii in the middle,” he continued. “They really are a fine group of youngsters, in fact, you can call them the fab seven. It’s got a nice ring to it.”

Check out The Beatles’ original performance on Ed Sullivan below: